Linda Green Angus  MBA  CFE  CHC


Professional Experience


With an MBA in Finance and BBA in Accounting, Linda is a proven leader with a demonstrated track record of exhibiting high profesional and ethical standards while employing transformative skills to resolve complex government financial, operational and infrastructure building issues. She has deep experience in restructuring governmental debt obligations and has made numerous presentations to Wall Street Bankers and Underwriters to obtain bond rating upgrades and new project financing for infrastructure projects that include international airports, billion dollar road systems, state of the arit landfills and water resorvoirs, courthouses and more. She has served as the financial monitor of multi-billion dollar disaster recovery projects in New York, post Hurricane Sandy and in Louisiana, post Hurricane Katrina, and additionally provided policy and procedural advice to state officials and contracting teams.   A collaborative leader with a demonstrated track record working with all levels of management, she has served as the director of KPMG's national forensic government practice, served as the CEO/CAO of 4 large County Governments, is an independent financial consultant in debt restructuring, compliance, risk management.  She is a published author, has served on numerous corporate and government boards, and has taught for 11 Universities in the U.S. and Iceland as an adjunct professor.


Education and Credentials


  • BBA – Accounting, Marshall University

  • MBA – Finance, Marshall University

  • CHC – Certified Healthcare Compliance

  • CFE  – Certified Fraud Examiner

  • Post Graduate PhD course work in Public Policy at the University of North Carolina

  • Post Graduate Leadership and Forensic Training – KPMG University











Kerry Angus JD, LLM - Taxation Law



Professional Experience


Mr. Angus holds a JD from the University of South Carolina and an LLM in Taxation law from New York University.  Combined with over 20 years in real estate development this unique combination of education and experience enable him to provide a range and depth of services rare among real estate developers.  Mr. Angus has developed projects and formed and funded numerous joint ventures in all areas of health care.  Part and parcel with his development background is a keen ability to structure deals effectively and fund them appropriately.  With a Rolodex of capital sources and the background to create creative options, Mr. Angus is often able to create a deal where others have failed.



  • LLM - Taxation Law, New York University 

  • JD - University of South Carolina

  • BA - English, Univeristy of Massachussets - Lowell